"An affecting chronicle of gentle lives and quiet outrage."


"Hope for a better future, sorrow for lost ways of life, and a quiet sense of outrage course through the eye-opening chronicle."


“The very personal impact of historical and economic forces comes through with a powerful melancholy.”

"...the film is a powerful look at an island culture virtually unknown in the U.S., and raises some fascinating questions about independence, dependence, and colonialism."

"Beautifully photographed and edited."

"...a tribute to those whose service and sacrifice it portrays, and an unanswered challenge to the complexity of this nation’s situation."

"...a story that’s universal – of sacrifice and loyalty, the bravery of young men at war and the worry of parents back home."

"This is a very good look at a country supplying the soldiers for America's wars and the effect that as on the population on all levels of life.  A thoughtfully produced film Island Soldier forces you to consider if the Micronesians have made a pact with the devil of if the trade off is fair. Definitely an eye opening film and recommended."

“The case of Micronesia’s relationship to the U.S. is a fascinating one, and Island Soldier does a fine job bringing it to light.“

“As glorious as it is to see the residents of Micronesia in this dazzlingly photographed Pacific Shangri-La, the film is infused with a deep melancholy that is often profoundly moving.”

“It’s a strong subject and a moving story…Island Soldier lands hard.”

“The story shown is real, it’s impressive, and it’s personal.”

“The film is moving and brings attention to a topic that many may not have known about.”

“Tackling the subject matter with contemplative grace, Island Soldier is a visually captivating film that provides much food for thought.“




No Film School Pod Cast

Nathan Fitch's explains how he prepared to embed in Afghanistan to film for Island Soldier.