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A documentary film about Micronesian citizens serving in the U.S. Military,

and the future of a small island nation.

There’s no facilities here on the islands [in the FSM] to serve soldiers. If you have a problem you have to pay out of your own pocket to leave, go to Hawai’i or elsewhere on the mainland to get the help that you need.
— Robson Henry, US Army Veteran
Micronesians respect warriors… but they have far greater admiration for generosity of spirit… On Pohnpei Island, doing service as a warrior is known as ‘tautik’ or ‘little service,’ while doing community service, providing labor and feast goods year in and year out is honored as ‘taulap,’ ‘great service.’
— Glenn Peterson, Anthropologist
Recruiters fly in to Micronesia with posters of young men and women in snappy military dress, eyes gazing beyond the camera and beyond the horizon to another world.  They are inviting young islanders to the military, just as sailors long ago lured them to become deck hands or stewards
— Francis X. Hezel, MICSEM
I’d rather all my children stay here in Kosrae. And I’d prefer that they continue with their education. But they all left. All my sons are away in the Army. There’s no work here for them. Yet life is harder for me without them here.
— Madison Nena, Father of Arthur Nena

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